Lauran Smith

Ivan’s Cooking baked goods are simply delicious! The Caramels, Toffee, Cookies, and Breads are all amazing! I love caramel, but Ivan’s caramel is melt in your mouth good! The caramel is not sweet like others I’ve eaten. Its caramel made for adults, with just the right amount of everything in it to make it totally irresistible! The slogan of Ivan’s Cooking is “…and you know you want some”, which for me is totally true! Once you have a bite of any of the decadent treats from this company you will certainly be hooked!
I’ve shared cookies, candy and bread with friends and family numerous times. Each time, I get comments like “can I have some more” and “where can I buy this?” after they have tried any of the products. When they have ordered on line from Ivan’s Cooking, their orders are delivered quickly, the product has been tasty and the packaging is really nice! All I can say is “Bravo Ivan’s Cooking!” You’ve made me one happy customer.
Lauran Smith, Los Angeles, CA